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Full Version: small difference asus & msi 1080ti founder edition
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You can disregard my question. The information given at the shop was incorrect. So they are both identical as they should be.
Will look for another shop where they give at least correct info.

Quote:When looking at the specs of the "geforce 1080ti founder edition" , I noticed some slight differences between brands but, I don't know what the impact is on performance

MSI GeForce GTX 1080TI Founders Edition 11GB
- freq : 1582mhz
- clockspeed : 1582 mhz
- PCI-e : 3.0x16

Asus GeForce GTX1080TI-11G Founders Edition
- freq : 1582 mhz
- clockspeed : 1480mhz
- PCI-e : 2.0x16

If there is difference and "if yes", which one should I choose?

(can I put both brands together when these specs are different?)

Thank you for any reply

The Founders Edition will be always identical. 1480MHz ist the base clock, 1582Mhz the boost frequency.

However, there are individual designs out there having a radial cooler.Difficult so say if their board is differnet in a good or bad way. Mostly I'd guess they change some bits and pieces for cheaper components, e.g. condensators or MOS-FETs.

If you want to be on the save side, go with a Foundes Edition.