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Full Version: Type of hash
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I have been looking for a few days for the type of hash:


At first I was told that the type of hash was the SHA-1 but after several attempts to decrypt the 28,000 hash in bruteforce, wordlist there was no result. 
So if someone could find me the real type of hash its would be very nice. I thank all help
Thank you for your reply after the test I have several results with a lot of hash type but several of it's hash types are not in hashcat options for decrypters.
So how do I do that?

Result : https://gyazo.com/77ed8165b031d469e478df28970197d1
I just try it's hash types but none works:

- SHA1
- RipeMD160
- RipeMD-160(HMAC)
- sha1($pass.$salt)
- sha1($salt.$pass)
- sha1(utf16le($pass).$salt)
- sha1($salt.utf16le($pass))
- sha1(sha1($pass))
- sha1($salt.sha1($pass))
- sha1(md5($pass))
- sha1($salt.$pass.$salt)
- MySQL4.1/MySQL5
SHA1 and RIPEMD not working?What do you mean by that?
Your hash might be SHA1,try running Prince Processor on your word list.
I mean that I tried several times to use the hash type in SHA-1 with the Brute-Force attack method and Dictionary Attack but without any result.

I remember I had succeeded in my old hash which was in SHA-256 I had succeeded in decrypting it but this time there is no result as if it were not of the SHA-1 because it finds no Hash while there are 28,000.

What I will say is that the SHA-1 does not give a result
Can you tell me where do you get these hashes from?It might help.