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Full Version: Any place to download wordlists in various languages?
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As thread subject suggests, I'm curious if anyone knows of places where I could download wordlists for various languages but in latin alphabet. 

Working on some hashes that I'm struggling to crack, and thought I'd give it a try to use wordlists based on other languages than major western ones (English/German/Spanish/etc) in the various attacks.

I know there exist "accepted" Romanizations of e.g. Urdu and Arabic word lists, and I assume that this probably exists for e.g. various languages from countries in Africa; but so far I haven't been able to find anything good (started this week, so might be I haven't given it enough time yet, but it doesn't hurt asking).

edit: seems like the correct term is "Romanizing/transliterating".
One obvious source is Aspell; download various languages and then do

aspell -d lang_code dump master | aspell -l lang_code expand > lang_code.dict

where lang_code is the language code used in Aspell, e.g. ru for Russian, etc. However, many of the dictionaries are in their respective alphabet and UTF8-encoded. But many are with latin alphabet, so for those that are it's a nice source.