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Full Version: Output file info
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I know how to use the -o flag and the different output format modes to use. But I cant find one that would output the amount of time it took to crack said hash. i have a file with 8 hashes. Is it possible using the output format flag to also output the time it took to crack it. In mask attack mode (and im pretty sure many other modes) whenever it prints out the  stats, it also says how much time hashcat has been running for so far. 
Thanks in advance. Smile
There is no output mode that records absolute time. This is because absolute time is not useful for the purposes of comparing performance across platforms and runs.

The wallclock time for a given setup and run can be roughly calculated by multiplying actual H/s performance by the crackpos value.
ok so just to be clear, i run a benchmark of the hash and then multiply it by the crack pos? ok thank you.
Close - but a benchmark is under pretty ideal conditions, and your attack is probably slower than that. Probably best to measure actual H/s for your specific attack.
How exactly would i do that?. Lets say Im using prince processor to generate passwords that are then hashed and checked against a target hash by hashcat. how would i measure the speed of that?
Run the actual attack - and then check the H/s values in the hashcat status output.