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Full Version: Cracking MSSQL(2005) hashes
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Sorry to bother you but i was a Cain user so i am not familiar with the format used.

I tried the inputformat hash(mixcase)Confusedalt but get the line exception errors...

myhash file looks like:

Does somebody know what i miss. I can't find it on the web...


try this way:


On the SQL Servers you are authorized to audit:

SELECT sys.syslogins.name
, sys.server_principals.type
, LOGINPROPERTY(sys.syslogins.name,'PasswordHash') AS HashcatFormat
, UPPER(RIGHT(sys.fn_varbintohexstr(CAST(RIGHT(sys.syslogins.password,10) AS VARBINARY(256))),40)) + ':' + UPPER(RIGHT(sys.fn_varbintohexstr(CAST(LEFT(RIGHT(sys.syslogins.password,12),2) AS VARBINARY(32))),8)) AS OCLHashCatLiteFormat
FROM sys.syslogins
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.server_principals
ON sys.server_principals.sid = sys.syslogins.sid