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Full Version: Save all valid password candidates
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I'm trying to implement support for a file format that has barely any header information in the cleartext to check candidate password validity. Is it possible to return all of the valid candidates from the GPU?

It is my first time adding support for a hash format, but it was not difficult, the code is very well structured.

Thank you very much!
You can use --stdout to see what candidates hashcat will generate.

$ echo -n hashcat | hashcat --stdout -r ./rules/best64.rule | head
Hi Royce,
Sorry, english is not my native language. I've seen this option, but it doesn't do what I want.
Suppose I found in the GPU code that two different passwords, eg 'Hashcat' and 'HashCat' are 'valid'. But I'll actually have to perform additional checks (eg. see the resulting file when these specific passwords are used). Can I get a list of all the collisions?
hashcat supports an option --keep-guessing which should do what you want
undeath, thank you. Im using this option, but the passwords are not appearing in any file. Does this option also saves the collisions somewhere? Thank both of you for your time.
Verify your syntax using an existing format. If it works for that, it should work for yours.
Thanks royce! It worked! The potfile now contains all the found collisions!