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Full Version: Supercomputer
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I have TrueCrypt container with 100GB of data and I lost password. What I was thinking to do, was getting Polish supercomputer (http://icm.edu.pl/, Warsaw, Poland) time (have to pay for that) to brute-force the password. The password may be MD5 hash which consists of small a-f letters and digits 0-9 (32 in a row).

I think the supercomputer which is in ICM has only Xeon CPUs (1084 nodes with 24 cores, each 128GB RAM) and no usable GPUs.

The OS is Linux x64.

Can you guys tell me how would hashcat behave on such machine? Are there any limits? Any advices how to run such a recovery job?
Your best course of action is finding out how the md5 password was generated. brute force isn't going to get you anywhere.
I've noted all possible "passwords" from which the MD5 could have been computed, but didn't found the correct one.

What I was also thinking was to change hashcat sources to compute MD5 hash for each generated incremental possible passwords and try them on the container.
Yes, that would be a much better approach.