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Full Version: Build configuration
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Hi everyone !
I need some advice for the new PC i'm building. I've been reading posts for hours but since english isn't my native language and I'm new to the cracking world, I don't know which components to choose.
Basically, the PC i'm building will be on windows, and be used mostly for gaming and every-day use. For now, I mostly do a blind dictionnary attack with the biggest wordlist possible. I know it's not the most effective to do cracking, but I don't need more for the moment.
Still, I hope to learn more in the future and I want to build my pc with that in mind. The hashes I'm usually trying to crack are sha1, md5, wordpress and bcrypt.

Well I have a buget around 2000€ but I don't know if I should buy 2 graphic cards or one more performing. I wanted to spend around 1000~1200 € for cpu + gpu.
So if you have any advices, I'd like to hear them ! Thanks.
u could look into ebay, graphic cards are being sold for a low price now (ppl are dumping their gpus after mining with them)

u should start with one. 1070 can be cool as a start
Well it's the summer sales over here so depending on the rest of the build, I could even manage 2 but I still don't know if it's really more efficient. I usually keep my pc running for years with eventually a ram and graphic card upgrade so I don't mind using all my budget, the pc I'm currently using is 9 years old but the cpu doesn't support new instructions so...

I was hesitating between 2 Nitro+ RX 580, 2 GTX 1070 Ti, a single GTX 1080 Ti or a single RX VEGA 64 Nitro+

As for the cpu, I'm hesitating between a I7-8700k or a Ryzen 7 2700X

It's all within prices range but I would need to switch for the cheaper option if the total build cost is a bit much.
Don’t get AMD cards for hashcat. Go with 1070s or better. Next gen cards don’t seem to have great predictions either (based on rumors) so I would really worry about that.

And if you’re using them for extended periods of time in hashcat, be sure to get Founder’s Edition cards and have sufficient cooling
and a gold rated or better PSU with enough headroom.
Thanks for the advice, one question remain though. So one 1080 or two 1070 ? Despite all the topics I read about it, I still don't understand which option is better ?

Also what is a prediction ? Tried to google it but didn't found anything I can relate to.
2 1070s will be faster but will consume more power and generate more heat. It’s all preference. If you go with a 1080 you can always throw in another later on.
Additionally, you can get a cheaper 1070 Ti and get *just* under 1080 performance at stock clocks.
I did get a 1070 Ti and I'll probably buy another one later. Thanks for the advices !