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Full Version: A very special mask
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Hello everybody !

So i've a very specific request.

I need a mask that do these thing:

- the password is 8 chars uppercase (ok i know that: ?u?u?u?u?u?u?u?u).
- The passwork have max two time the same letter.
- if the password contain two time the same letter, they are never next to the other.
- the password nerver have the same 2 or more letter sequency (ABCDEFAB doesn't work because AB is repeted).

If someone here can do something like that (without hundreds lines of code) then this is a genius.

Thank you everybody.
You'll want to use


.. but that will only solve most of your question, not the "no repeated characters" part.

But in practice, most hashes are fast enough that this can be ignored.


Read too fast - I see that most of your concern is about duplicated/repeated letters.

PACK won't help with this, because generating masks that did this would be prohibitive. You're better off with a custom external script to generate candidates.