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Full Version: Beginner Question: MD5+Salt (shadow)
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I trying to learn how to use oclHashcat, but I didn't find any good tutorial. So I created a password in /etc/shadow (CentOS 5 with MD5) and took the string

After some research i think i managed to convert it into a hex from, which if I understood it correctly is requried for hashcat and I got the string:
From my understanding (since option -m 1 (md5 + salt) does not exist any more i need to use option -m 11 instead. Sadly I am not able to figure out the correct syntax for it. I tried
oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m11 --hex-salt test.txt
and also
oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m11 --hex-salt -1 ?l?d test.txt ?1?1?1?1?1?1

Was the converstion done correctly / necessary?
What is the correct syntax to use?
If someone could send me a link to a tutorial, so I can learn it, i would appriciate it a lot.

EDIT1: Corrected some typos.

take a look at oclExample500.sh

Thanks a lot. I looked at the example and it works as described. It's actually easier than i thought.