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Full Version: Adding new, but the same type, of hashes in real-time?
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I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but I wanted to ask just in case I'm missing something.

If you have a hashcat session going, is it possible to "throw" new - but the same type - of hashes into the hash file you initially loaded to crack new hashes on-the-fly? Or is the only option to - stop hashcat, add the new hash to the hash file, then start hashcat again?

I wasn't sure if hashcat did some real-time file checking in case new hashes are added, and automatically adjusts itself to accommodate for the added hashes.
If such an option exists, adding new hashes dring the run would mean to restart the bruteforce or wordlist walk from the beginning to be sure to crack the new ones..
So it would be exactly the same as stopping hashcat and start it again with the new hashes.