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Full Version: What am I doing wrong here?
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I have managed to run Hashcat with a MASKS file.
But the output shows something strange at the "Guess charset" line.
I wanted to use uppercase and digits, but there are some chars missing in what's listed.

Here's a screenshot of the output.

well, you also need to show us your command line and mask file. without that we can't really understand what you are doing over there.
Command line:
hashcat64.exe -a 3 --session=2019-04-04 -m 2500 -w 3 --force -p : -O --hwmon-disable -o "C:\Users\Johan\Desktop\outputfile.txt" --outfile-format=2 -1 ?d?u "C:\Hitron-hashfile.hccapx" test1.masks

First lines of mask file:
you need to define the custom charset within the mask file, see https://hashcat.net/faq#what_is_a_hashcat_mask_file and https://hashcat.net/wiki/?id=mask_attack...mask_files

therefore the command need to be:

hashcat64.exe -a 3 --session 2019-04-04 --hwmon-disable -o "C:\Users\Johan\Desktop\outputfile.txt" --outfile-format 2 "C:\Hitron-hashfile.hccapx" test1.masks

and the mask file must contain the definition of the custom charsets and the mask that are using the charset, one line for instance could look like this:
One thousand thanks, Sir.