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Full Version: Hashcat Brain
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Does brain remember everything that has been attempted?

For example if I run a dictionary attack, and then run a bruteforce attack with rules with overlapping candidates, would those candidates be skipped?

If I ran a dictionary attack, then removed 50% of the contents of the dictionary and re-ran, would 100% be rejected?
it depends on the --brain-client-features that was set (see hashcat --help).

brain + "--brain-client-features 3" (or "--brain-client-features 1") only makes sense with slow hashes (not something like MD5/NTLM etc, because it will slow down the attack)
I found the above tests had an unexpected result, however with "--brain-client-features 3" it works as expected. For some reason I thought that was enabled by default. Thanks! Not sure if WPA is considered fast or slow.
slow is slow, WPA is slow enough
Do Pot file should be enable for using brain feature? would remenber the hash and the password attemped and the attack type?
you should always use the potfile, unless you are tracking cracked hashes through other means (eg outfile). hashcat brain will not do that.