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Full Version: How to find a particular string whose MD5-hash is known?
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Does anyone know how to find a string containing 11 letters from a-z whose MD5-string is [redacted]  ? I tried with hashcat but the computation was stopped as there were too high GPU-temperatures.
That is really weird because that is the same hash as requested in 2017 in thread https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6822.html and at yahoo 6 years ago https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index...833AANRTeH (also has list of other hashes and length)

Are these hashes a part of a game website? sort of hack challenges?
Yes. It is from https://www.ohjelmointiputka.net/tiedostot/md5h.txt . Namely, we have to find stings with letters a-z. First string should be one letter long, second two letters and so on. So all string to be found are


It looks that someone has found the eleventh one but it looks like it would take much of time.
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