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Full Version: Generating new custom dictionary
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I want to take a wordlist of words in the english dictionary and make the following variations:

- Generate all permutations of the words in upper and lower case.


and so on.

- Prepend and append all numbers from 0 to 9999 to the words.


and so on.

- I would also like all combinations of prepended and appended numbers and upper and lower case. In short, all possible combinations of words with and without two these variations.

How can i generate this wordlist and write it to a new file? Would this be a effective way of cracking phpass hashes? If not, what would be the best way of cracking reasonably complex phpass hashes? How can I include special characters without making the wordlist too complex?
better not generate a wordlist but create a ruleset to create these words. Saves much space and IO.

If you demand on generating the whole dict, create the ruleset and run it through hashcat using the --stdout switch.

(but unless you have a very small dict to start with, this will probably waste more space than you have)
this can be done by using the new multirules feature from oclHashcat-plus. use the rules/toggle* rules for the case switching and the rules/hybrid/prepend* rules for the additional chars. ex: oclHashcat-plus64 hash.txt dict.txt -r rules/toggles2.rule -r rules/hybrid/prepend_d.rule