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Full Version: How to use checkpoint in hashcat beta (Windows)
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i want to use checkpoint in hashcat-5.1.0-beta (windows), i tried by pressing "c" and then using --restore but this seems not works, so how to do this ?
What do you mean by "not works"? What's happening?
the --restore command give me this error :

C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\hashcat\hashcat-5.1.0-beta>hashcat.exe -m 2500 --restore -w3 multi.hccapx wordlist.txt
Usage: hashcat [options]... hash|hashfile|hccapxfile [dictionary|mask|directory]...

Try --help for more help.

"The only parameters allowed when restoring a session are --restore and --session (optional)"
So i have to do like this ?

C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\hashcat\hashcat-5.1.0-beta>hashcat.exe --restore ?

Update: yep i tried this is the right way, thx
hashcat.exe --restore --session=mySession