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Full Version: tutorial/documentation about adding modules
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Is there any documentation or even a tutorial about adding hashes/modules to hashcat? Is there something that explains what is necessary to do, what is optional, what are constants to define, what constants already exists to use, how to get an id, what rules are there for the ids, what's the minimum someone has to provide to get a hash/module added to hashcat and so on?

I know there is thread 4907 from 2015, but I did not find the posts helpful. I looked into the mentioned commit but partly only see adding some numbers and filling some dubious variables with ominous constants.
And obviously the information are too old. A while ago (before converting the modules to current form) I tried to add a new one or at least see how it could be done. After some hours I lost the motivation to reverse engineer hashcat itself as a result of only seeing uncommented and partly optimised examples not fulfilling my case.

I also look into a current commit dd262a9aa965794c69e468b17c3e410a52456a1a and I'm having the same problem as before. I see the code, at least I'm able to read C/C++ but I do not know the intention behind the syntax, because I do not know the reasons for all the constants and variable and so on, again. Thus without documentation it seems to be back to reverse engineering. In my opinion is the topic to complex for only having these sort of examples.

Please do not misunderstand me. It's your code and you can do whatever you like to do. I'm just want to ask for some helpful information about it. Maybe there are already such information and I simply overlooked them.

Thanks in advanced!
The developers planned to add some wiki page (and/or forum thread) about the very new hashcat module system that wasn't even released yet. Only beta versions of hashcat do support hashcat modules.
Therefore, I would say it's work in progress and not released yet because even the module system is still in beta phase.

It's actually a very good sign that people ask for that. Thanks for your interest, but we haven't released the new version and documentation yet. but I guess this is a further proof that it is wanted and needed. Thank you very much