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Full Version: Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
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I bought the AMD because it was cheaper and I wanted to see how much a GPU would speed it up before I invested real money in a Nivdia. What I dont understand is if the driver works in every other system and program why doesnt it work in Hashcat the Crimson driver wont work at all, the only way it will run is to disable the self test. I also do not understand how it could not work on an Acer an HP and a Toshiba surely one of them have got to be compatible with the driver and Hashcat. Just so you know I did look and see the AMD issue but Hashcats own site says it can be used what I didnt know was rocm is crap theres as many instances of it not working as hashcat. I'm not mad or anything I'm just trying to solve this I would give up and say well live and learn but this is crazy if you say it's the fastest and it works with a GPU then it should work in one out of four OS's and three machines. I already know befire anyone says it it's the same GPU. Hashcat sees it and uses it in windows but it doesnt see the CPU it's a completly diffrent driver running it. The CPU uses Intel the GPU uses ADM. If it sees it in windows but not Unbuntu or the other it isnt the GPU so there is only one other constant Hashcat and it the GPU works with Hascat in windows 10 pro or Windows 10 home. I was reading earlier still trying to find an answer. I come across a post Atom was blaming the driver the guy explained something was changed, but Adom wouldn't cop to it. The guys started his case rather eloquently then Adom half said its Hashcat but wouldn't say what was changed so he could fix it ? But that was after reporting it doesnt make sense that hashcat would do that. I doesnt make sense Windows screws up every update and suckers keep lining up to use it.On the Hashcat site the GPU instructions the ADM instructions Windows and The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) all say it works and heres how. Be honest just put we really dont know if hashcat is going to work or not. In The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) and unbuntu I dont get the opencl warning. So instead of programming the page to auto edit the comment about The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) why dont they take the time they spent on that and fix the opencl. I was just about to order a nvidia because I'm to the point I just want to see it work once for a split second but now thank God you told me Nivida doesnt work so well either. It's just frustrating just put on the site it might not work theres no fixing it and quit blaming the operators and the drivers. If it said it might not work with any GPU system or OS I wouldn't have started this fiasco but it was working in The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) and unbuntu theres an instructional manual by infosexy that fixes the opencl on the CPU. So I went off the fact it was working and Hashcat says it will work. I take responsibility for my actions I dont blame other people I made a mistake I made a decision based on bad information. This thing isnt a solid program and they know it. They wont even begin to suggest a fix. I had ADM, MSI, Amazon and the people that built my computer on the phone at least an hour a piece trying to fix a problem the didnt create. Hashcat could at least say yeah its us not you or the driver. Man up or offer a solution. I dont like stack exchange their petty little jerks that wont answer a question and just put you down I'm pretty sure it's because they have no idea what the answer is. System doesnt boot they all regurgitate they same answer or insult. I hate them but I went as far as to ask. Surprising answer, this has been answered before. What answer? One thing I have to hand to those petty little morons at the very least they answer. I have sent Atom Adom whatever it is several messages practically begging for help. No answer. You seem to know something about these problems I was hoping you could help. It's just crazy it's the GPU it's the OS it you it the driver, its every dam thing in the world except for hashcat. They didnt know is bull this has been an issue for years. They need to auto edit in hashcat the system that hardly works every time you mention hashcat. If The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) is so bad why did hashcat decide to allow their selves to the preinstalled tools ? I dont know I'm going in circles now. They need to stand behind their product fix the opencl get at least one GPU to work advertise that one and be done with it. I would have bought that GPU or none if they warned people. I'm going to go I'm trying a few more things I going to take a shot at the conf file in pyrit if you edit it AMD works so hopefully hashcat will to if not I guess I'm stuck with pyrit. You have a good night and seriously thank you for responding.
Hashcat inspired me I finished my reply and it hit me. I'm going to get a hold of major corporations like Boeing they can't settle any law suits their planes didnt kill anyone it was gravity. Marlboro is going to love me. It isnt their cigarettes that give you cancer it's your lungs. I'm going to make millions. Our food doesnt taste like shit it's your taste buds. I'll never get a speeding ticket again it wasn't me it's the dam sign that's wrong. I'm going to law school I'll get murders off easy. It wasn't my client the supposed victim jumped in front of the bullets. I'm going to see if I can figure out this nightmare and if it doesnt work I'm suing the state because I played the lottery and their numbers where wrong. Bastards cheated me out of millions defective numbers dam it. Then I'm going to build a super computer and clone Einstein and hopefully between the two they can figure out this opencl problem.
[Image: 1bhgqb.jpg]
it's the GPU it's the OS it you it the driver, not hashcat
Nope "DOUCHE BAG" I'm laughing it is the morons blaming everyone else but themselves. See this (https://hashcat.net/faq/wrongdriver) Completely wrong. It was in-part the driver but no it was not broken. One more time with feeling, "NOT BROKEN ! Nope not broken, not a bad driver, not that p.o.s. Hashcat says to use on (https://hashcat.net/faq/wrongdriver) Nope, nope, nope. Guess what the process wasn't even correct, you can just install the new driver without going through all that needless crap. Here you go. Windows 10 update your AMD GPU software. Go to Device Manager,  double click, (I love this.) double click display adapters.Right click Radeon RX 560 then Properties.  Click Browse My Computer. Click Let Me pick. Check the box Show Compatible Hardware. Then guess what pops up. No not that Scarlet crap or whatever the link says. here I'll just tell you. Up pops the mother f**king drivers. Pick Radeon RX 560 Series Version  26.20.13025.1004 [9/26/2019]. Then you know what it works. So no it wasn't completely Hashcat I WAS WRONG partially. Turns out it was shitty little tutorials being recommended by snotty little douche bags. I do not know why I ask for help. Stack Exchange... WRONG. The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) Forums... WRONG. Unbuntu...WRONG. AMD...wrong. MSI...wrong. Hashcat Forums... WRONG. Snotty little douche's... WRONG. People should really think before they blame someone or put them down. Turns out nine out of ten it's the jackoff putting people down is the one that just doesn't know the answer. I am done you may block my account now, but just remember who got the AMD GPU to work on Hashcat. I could swear someone gave me some crap about that. Next up getting Hashcat to run on Unbuntu and The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) with AMD.  Now post something intelligent for once and get the correct answer up on (https://hashcat.net/faq/wrongdriver) Because it has been "WRONG" for years. So long Hashcat the tool that doesn't work well with The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) or GPU's. I will not be back. Terminate my account I don't give a shit.
Yes, those of us who do this professionally for a living must be wrong. How could we have possibly known, having only done driver installations and compatibility tests a few hundred times on all manner of systems. I see now, thank you for enlightening us with your infallible wisdom.
Since when do chickens have jobs, let alone know how to use computers? I question your knowledge of ADM and Nivida/Nivdia hardware on Unbuntu... And that Adom guy, what does he know about Hashcat anyway? ;D
Yeah I got an email so I came back for a second you make no sense. Chickens computers you loosing your virginity what do any of these things have to do with one another. Anyways point being, stupid I got it to work sans insults. See being nice is easy living your pathetic life where you need to be mean to people or insult them for not knowing something that's hard. I asked a question and got a shitty answer so out of spite I got the thing to work, so in a way I'm happy douche's exist I get stuff done because of them. If you ever need any help with anything just ask I am more than happy to help insult free. Oh one last thing yeah as to the other post that stuff doesn't count for much you can get paid and not have a clue. See there's that misplaced ego again. If you where as smart as you pretend to be your mind would be open enough to say, "Hey maybe there are things I don't know." Try it sometime the world might surprise you. Quick question ,Why is it that I can get Intel OpenCl to work and AMD? Short answer I have only been working on the problem for a few weeks the fresh perspective helps, plus I'm smart enough to know that I'm to stupid to reinvent the wheel. The answer wasn't all mine I asked AMD and MSI for help. I'm not to proud to admit when I'm wrong or to ask for help. In case the point to this has missed you and I'm not calling you stupid your probably a little upset because I pissed on your stomping ground, ok I get that so here is the point did if feel good when I was insulting? No I bet it didn't. So what am I saying be nice. Now to wrap this up one last thing you know nothing about me, I could be a long time user of this site and I feel embarrassed asking a question with my real screen name. That isn't the case I'm not to good to ask. I could have a doctorate in computer science you don't know, so to make that assumption isn't an intelligent bet. I'm not insulting you but your judging the unknown one day that may bite you in the ass. Truth be told I'm just a guy that fiddles with things and is really good at making them work, which is why I became an Industrial Designer so no I don't get paid to do this I just mess around here and there with it, but like anything else in this world if you have a desire to figure it out you will. I'm not insulting what you say is your job, but this isn't brain surgery it is pretty easy once you understand the problems. No the answer isn't just putting the driver on there, you have to massage it a little, you have to get the computer to accept drivers it doesn't want. (Intel Opencl) Then you have to get it to use them, but if your using this stuff I kind of figured you would know how to do that stuff. See now you have me assuming. Look just be nice and get rid of the ego as far as getting paid, ever heard of malpractice insurance? Even someone with more school and training than us makes mistakes and doesn't know everything. This stuff does not make you Gods special little turd it just means you know a little about something so be nice.
> Chickens computers you loosing your virginity what do any of these things have to do with one another.

I have no idea what the hell is going on in this sentence but I think I like it.
Hey guess what I cracked my first hash check out the pic, and undeath was wrong you can use --self-test-disable, I put the GPU in my Toshiba and instead of forcing the AMD drivers I tried --self-test-disable on a whim and boom it worked. No speed loss or anything. All I did was load the Intel OpenCl so I guess if you want to save time you can just put the GPU into your computer let it do it's thing and just disable the test or you can force the AMD driver. There is one thing I did on both I'm not sure how much it helped but I also went into the bios and under advanced I enabled both cards or whatever the option is I think it's integrated video. I enabled both I don't know if that helped or not. I'm not busting balls but you guys might know better than me if it had an effect changing that, all I actually did is went this is what I want this is what I have. How can I use these things to get what I want? So no I don't know why it works but it does. I'll leave the why up to the professionals. Three weeks of trying and I finally got it, and it works on multiple machines. Next step since I'm on my neighbors network I'm going to figure out how to load it up with porn. He's really religious. It's funny the only reason I decided to learn hacking three long months ago was to put porn on my neighbors computer. You guys have a wonderful day. Honestly though just skip installing the AMD driver and let it load whatever then get the Opencl from Intel. You might have to get the computer to update from Intel instead of the manufacturer but that's easy and it doesn't matter what driver once it takes one you can just use the Intel auto detect and it puts the right one on. Oh and check out the time one second. Same everything in aircrack and jJack couldn't get anything Hashcat one second. I ran it five times on two different computers, it definitely works.
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