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Full Version: TrueCrypt without knowing the ciphers
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Hi all!

First post here, please, be lenient Smile .

I am trying to crack a TrueCrypt container (one file containing files, not entire disk). I set the password back in 2011 and can't remember it. Also, I just can't remember what cipher I used at the time. 

First question would be, is hashcat my best bet to produce variations based on a word with added variations at the beginning and at the end, for exemple, my go to word at the time was oneword, I would like to create 11oneword11, 22oneword22, etc...

Second and most important, from  https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-4812.html, it seems there is a "9th cipher" I should be using, that will be longer but at least trying all Truecrypt cipher mode. When I look at the cipher list, I see much more than eight or nine of them and really not sure if one include them all or not.

Any one could point me to the right cipher mode I should be using, if that mode exist?

Thanks a lot,