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Full Version: Exporting hcxdump file by ESSID
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I have a hcxdumptool capture file that has several essid's in it.  I need to export it to a hccapx file, but I only need to include essid's that start with "ME".  Is there any way to do that with hcxpcaptool or another utility?

Step one: convert pcapng to hccapx
$ hcxpcaptool -o test.hccapx capture.pcpng

Step two: get desired hashes
$ wlanhcx2ssid -i test.hccapx -E ME
should do that, as well as
$ hcxessidtool --hccapx1=test.hccapx -E ME --hccapxout=ME.hccapx
Perfect. Thanks.