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Full Version: Special Character for hashcat rules
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I would like to create a hashcat rule that appends for example "_01" to the password. If I create for example a rule file and add "$_01", I receive the following error message

Skipping invalid or unsupported rule in file hashcat_

I assume that the issue is caused by the "_" because it might be interpreted as hashcat internal character. How do I escape such a character ? Unfortunately I didn't find any information to solve the question.

BR Martin
$_ $0 $1

to append more than one character, you need to apply more than one rule (https://hashcat.net/wiki/?id=rule_based_attack)
(12-13-2019, 06:54 PM)philsmd Wrote: [ -> ]
$_ $0 $1

Thank you very much for you help.
My understanding was that "$" represents the password itself. This would means that if I use the Password "example" the rule "$_ $0 $1" would create the Password "example_ example0 example1". This is what I understood from the wiki page multi rule example.

Am I wrong ?

BR Martin
yeah, you are completely wrong.

there is a whole table of "functions" (https://hashcat.net/wiki/?id=rule_based_..._functions) and $, ^, T, D, O, x etc are not referring to the password at all (none of them "are the password" itself or referring directly to it)... you are probably just "thinking" about it might work like you just described, but the whole page literally says that these are all rule functions.
Ok, I will re-read this page because after I read it I came to this (wrong) conclusion.

Thank you very much for your comments and your help.