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Full Version: Performance breack down 70%
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my first post here in the forum and i start will start with a question and my bad english,....sorry for both.

I build a little Decryption Rig:

GPU 2x RTX 2080 TI
SSD: 500GB M.2 Evo 970 Plus
CPU I3 9300f

The first test work perfect with a good performance so i started a first big test which i will cancel after a few days.

my code:
hashcat64.exe -a 3 -i -m 6211 TC-Container-1-Hash -1 ?u?l -2 ?l?d@!- ?1?2?2?2?2?2?2?2?2?2
It starts with ~1.000Kh/s Smile   ...after round a bout 30min the PC shut down.
I found a thread in this forum that it could help when i enlarge the windows swap file (If done this (to 300GB) and everything works fine over hours)

But after a few hour the performance was really bad, only ~300kH/s and the card are really cold (only ~40°)
The M.2 sit on an PCIex16 apapter and brings up to 3.300GB/s in benchmarks on my PC.

Best regrads from Germany
and a merry chistmas
disk speed doesn't matter for -a 3 (except if you are really swapping, that would be performance killer, but you should be able to monitor the disk activity very easily on each and every operating system)

cooling/throttling could matter if you bought some non-founder-edition (not-reference-design) GPUs

but my guess is you should try to test with at least 32 GB of RAM and check e.g. with some tuning software (afterburner etc if they indicate some problems)

Normally we would also advice to use -w 3 and -O (but there are no special/optimized kernels for -m 6211)
I don´t have  a 32GB Modul which i can test, and before i order one, i will be sure if i really need it.
And perhabs i will install a 3rd+4th Card in 2 or 3 month, so i have to update to 64GB? 

I also tried "-O" but as you wrote, it doesn´t push the performance for TrueCrypt,...
I looked on at my command,...the "-w 3" was still in my command line, i only forget to post it in the code here in my post Wink

Both card´s are no-founder-Edition (1x Gigabyte Phoenix with 3x fans, 1x Zotac with 2 fans).
The card temperature was round about 40° the room temperature ~20°. The Cards are in an old open Rig like the Ethereum-Mining PC. Amazon-Link to the case

I opend the Task-Manager -> Recource-Monitor   ...but couldn´t detect much action on the SSD ;-/


actual it runs since ~1h with this datas:
  • 480kh/s and 500kh/s
  • 72° and 67° (Room temperatur ~22°)
  • CPU usage 2%
  • RAM 2GB of 16GB in Use
  • SSD no use
so at the moment everything will looks ok,...i have no idea why or at what time the "problem" starts.....the next 2 days i will not be at home, but i hope i runs and will control it via TeamViewer
Are your temperature sensors defective? Around 70°C is quite different from the 40°C you reported earlier.
No, i think the sensore are fine, the cards were only hand-warm.

Actual the card are working since ~24 hours with:

487kH/s  73 °
481kH/s 64 °
-so it looks OK for 2x RTX2080TI

I have no idea why two day ago the cards slow down and cool down to 40°C ???
-Perhabps Windows made an Update in the Backround and something went wrong,.. ?? 

I will let it run another 24 hours. After this i will test a little bit about the performance with rainbowtables for NTLM, against combined, and dictionary attacks with hashcat.

Actual i don´t the the need of upgrading my RAM, so i´m looking a little bit about a 3rd GPU Wink