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Full Version: kwprocessor stalling
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Hey all, not sure if questions about kwprocessor are allowed here, but i'm having some issues so i thought i'd give it a shot.

I recently built v1.00 of kwprocessor on up to date Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS box and it seems to get into some sort of infinite loop with some of the included route files, although others work fine.

For instance:

$ ./kwp basechars/tiny.base keymaps/en-us.keymap routes/2-to-16-max-3-direction-changes.route | head -3

That works instantly and correctly as far as i can tell. However:

./kwp basechars/tiny.base keymaps/en-us.keymap routes/2-to-16-max-4-direction-changes.route

Simply never returns. If i look at system stats kwp is using 100% of a core, but i've let it run for some time and it never outputs anything, plus I would assume it to start outputting things very quickly anyway.

This seems related to an issue i see on github. I also see the same issue with 2-to-32-max-5-direction-changes.route.

I split 2-to-16-max-4-direction-changes.route into multiple pieces to see if I could narrow down what specific route was causing the hang, but things got even weirder. If I split it into two pieces, both pieces will hang. If I split it into 4 (or more) pieces, none of them hang, so i'm guessing its some combination of routes or something.

Any help would be appreciated. Obviously I can break it up to work around this issue if i need to, but it seems like it might be good to fix the underlying cause as others are experiencing it as well.