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Full Version: Deleting symbols with rules?
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Is there a way to write a rule to delete/purge symbols from the candidate? I tried "@?s" but hashcat is not very happy. Is there a way to do this that's better than "@? @! @_ @,....."? I haven't seen it in the documentation...
There is no way. The @ rule is not implemented in hashcat. It was only available in the old cpu-only version.
Hi undeath,
I think I'm using a CPU-only version Smile I haven't had problems with purging individual characters, I just thought you could purge charsets too - but it sounds like you can't?
Indeed the rule seems to have been implemented into hashcat. But no, there's no shortcut for whole sets. You may consider pre-processing your wordlist file(s) if applicable.
I might just do that yeah. Thank you!