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Full Version: Hashcat 5.1 incorrect сalculates benchmark
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Download latest version from github v5.1.0-1745-g434ad763

in 5.0 this line works correct, but in latest release show incorrect data

PHP Code:
hashcat64.exe --machine-readable --quiet --progress-only --restore-disable --potfile-disable --session=hashtopolis -"\t" ..\\..\\hashlists\\15 -a 3 -?-?-!LlPp??3?3?3?3?3?3?3?3  --hash-type=11300  -..\\..\\hashlists\\15.out 

[Image: 76910135-3b870200-68be-11ea-8671-07c39601df4b.png]

[Image: 76910168-56f20d00-68be-11ea-97fa-f3b2f81b52d5.png]
How about the results in benchmark mode?
(03-18-2020, 08:38 AM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]How about the results in benchmark mode?
How make it?

Hashtopolis use this method of benchmark