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Full Version: New plugin developer guide
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Thanx for posting at all last "New Plugin Developer guide" for Hashcat.

One essential thing is missing and could be beneficial to add to this guide
to make life of nobs (like me) easier - 
is absence of actual full example(s) of particular hash mode implementation.

I think, it should be added - from the beginning till end:
this is the hash mode, here it's decrypt function
and to implement it - following must be done,
and all code and all affected files shown in full.

And please - don't refer me to GitHub pull implementations - 
they are just the part of what is required - they are showing each affected files.
What - they are not showing and explaining - why this setting is chosen for this mode,
which data structure is used and why (most importantly).
Is it slow hash or quick one - no actual examples of this, I'm assuming custom-made
hash modes are all slow ones.

It will be good to see full example of some simple hash mode - done and explained 
step by step, then - it will be real developer's guide,
not everyone has lot of hashcat development experience
and deep knowledge and understanding of all its terms and rules,
and guide is aimed at novice developers and thus must have much more
essential information and explain and show more,

Thank you - it is just my humble opinion, I
was waiting for it for ages, but still cannot implement 
my desired new hash mode due to not understanding, where
is hashcat code starting and where is actual hash mode code 
and guide is not providing clear information how to do basic stuff,
I could volantire to create such additional documentation to the Guide
on example of my simple new hash mode, but I need external help,
as don't know all of the details and all things involved.
Thanks for the feedback. Note that this documents is meant as a reference guide, not a tutorial. It would be great to have a quick tutorial, too. If you need any support in writing it, hashcat developers are on IRC and happy to support you with all questions you have.
I wanna implement my desired hash mode likewise but don't know how to start. So when will the version 6.0.0 be released about.
You do not need to wait for a new release, the guide is already online:
The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the development of plugins for hashcat 6.0.0 and newer.This is the first sentence in it. Did old versions support plugin? I didn't find the plugin document in the version 5.1.0