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Full Version: distro choices
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I am looking for a basic linux distro that I can use solely for oclhashcat.

I am looking at doing 1 of 2 things
1 usb drive, I can access the wordlists and other needed files from another server on my network
2. Since this computer will also be used for other stuff was tossing around the idea of installing the os I use on this pc onto 2.5 inch swapable drives.
so I cam have 1 running windows and one running linux. and swap them as needed with out opening up the case. I am thinking about the usb route mostly but I am gonna have to figure out how to get my files from my server using command line, done it before but has been some time since I last did it.

I do have some cuda cards that will also be used so must be able to handle latest nvidia drivers.

1 question though do I need the tool kit or just the drivers?

one more thing I would also like to access this distro remotely using putty or something.

so what distro would be best on fairly new hardware?
Any distro will work. HashCat is developed on Ubuntu 10.04LTS so its always a safe bet that it will work.
i'm trying not to run xserver as I should get faster speeds with out it. I know pyrit does.
HashCat need running Xserver to work. (OpenCL needs ...)
(02-12-2012, 07:08 AM)KT819GM Wrote: [ -> ]HashCat need running Xserver to work. (OpenCL needs ...)

CUDA on the other hand does not need X.