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Full Version: Hashcat on AMD CPU after AMD dropped OpenCL support
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Hi peeps, 

I just got my new CPU and wanted to stress test it a little bit by cracking some passwords. However when I try to do that, it just selects my GPU. So I list the available devices and find the following output:
hashcat (v6.1.1) starting...

* Device #1: CUDA SDK Toolkit installation NOT detected.
            CUDA SDK Toolkit installation required for proper device support and utilization
            Falling back to OpenCL Runtime

OpenCL Info:

OpenCL Platform ID #1
  Vendor..: NVIDIA Corporation
  Name....: NVIDIA CUDA
  Version.: OpenCL 1.2 CUDA 11.1.106

  Backend Device ID #1
    Type...........: GPU
    Vendor.ID......: 32
    Vendor.........: NVIDIA Corporation
    Name...........: GeForce GTX 970
    Version........: OpenCL 1.2 CUDA
    Processor(s)...: 13
    Clock..........: 1253
    Memory.Total...: 4096 MB (limited to 1024 MB allocatable in one block)
    Memory.Free....: 3328 MB
    OpenCL.Version.: OpenCL C 1.2
    Driver.Version.: 457.09

Aside from CUDA not being installed (which you can ignore, it doesn't matter right now I think), it doesn't even list my CPU. Now my CPU is an AMD Threadripper 3960x and I read somewhere online how AMD has dropped OpenCL support for their CPUs. :/ 
Is there any way to still use my CPU for hashcat, with or without OpenCL?
Install the intel opencl runtime.
(11-05-2020, 08:40 PM)undeath Wrote: [ -> ]Install the intel opencl runtime.

Thank you! That worked. It's kinda weird how that works and I couldn't find this solution earlier. Well thanks!
Hi, how did you trick the hashcat to use Intel OpenCL. I installed  intel-opencl-icd on Debian 10 with AMD Epyc, no complains from OS, but hashcat does not buy it. I got

ATTENTION! No OpenCL, HIP or CUDA compatible platform found.
Old thread but I have problems with my Threadripper and OpenCL, want to use the processor with a Nvidia GPU but no luck. I have got the CPU to work, but everytime the GPU installs the drivers the CPU is not available any more.

How did you guys get the CPU to work in the first place?