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Hi All and some help please - Thermocline - 05-14-2021

Hi everyone - new to the forum.  I would be grateful for some help.  I am trying out Hashcat with a known password.  I have the wpa2.hccapx file generated by wifite and converted by hashcat (in ilak Linux).  I ported the resulting file over to my windows PC and have been trying to crack it.

I know the "system" works because I have a router with an 8 digit numerical password. The whole process worked fine with the mask of ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d

I know the password of the other router I'm trying to crack but it's a mixture of Upper case, Lower case and numbers (12 characters total).  I am really not sure how to make a mask for this type of password.

Any help would be appreciated.
by the way I did search the forum for similar issues but I didn't find anything I thought was apt.



RE: Hi All and some help please - marc1n - 05-14-2021