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Newbie Help - CaptnCrypto941 - 06-19-2021


I recently installed hashcat and read hash crack. I’m doing some experimenting with a single NTLM hash.  I know the password is in the dictionary I’m using, but hashcat isnt cracking it.  I’m using Ubuntu with a 1050 Ti.  I checked benchmarks and everything appears to be good. I’m confused because when I execute the command “hashcat -m -0 (my hash.txt) (my dictionary.txt), it begins and finished the list in less than two seconds. The dictionary list I’m using is fairly large. Can someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong.  Thanks.

RE: Newbie Help - atom - 06-19-2021

Did you extract the NTLM yourself and can you crack it using a different cracker? If yes, please post hash and password here. Otherwise it's just extraction error.

RE: Newbie Help - CaptnCrypto941 - 06-19-2021

Yes, I did extract it myself. I probably did good it up then. I’m going to test on some other hashes. Thanks

RE: Newbie Help - Snoopy - 06-21-2021

(06-19-2021, 01:06 PM)CaptnCrypto941 Wrote: hashcat -m -0 (my hash.txt) (my dictionary.txt)

this cli isnt good

-m 1000 -a 0 should do the trick

due to not given mode hashcat swtiches to md5 (-m 0 (default)) but ntlm is -m 1000 so this should be the mistake why you didnt find your pw

RE: Newbie Help - CaptnCrypto941 - 06-27-2021

So just for an update. I was selecting the NTLM type instead of NTLMv2. Thanks.