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What is this hash type? - CyberPentester - 06-22-2021

Hello, I just signed up to post this in case someone knows. I am not sure if discussing leaks is allowed.

I have been trying to search for these types of hashes, but I am having no luck anywhere. This is from the gonitro leak, which every site I have come across says that they are bcrypt hashes (some are), but it also contains some weird types that I have never seen before such as this one:
$2a$10$XXXXqi6XitX31Xk08XxCXaGlX_mXXRX (32 chars after $2a$10$ and some containing underscores and dashes)

There are some that are 41 chars also containing underscores and dashes:

Anyone have a clue as to what these hash types are?

RE: What is this hash type? - royce - 06-22-2021

Those do seem odd, and don't sound like the Nitro hashes that I'm aware of, which are straight bcrypt as mentioned in the Have I Been Pwned list.

It almost sounds like someone replaced truncated and some characters in otherwise normal bcrypt (and maybe SHA1?) hashes with other characters.