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New ATI driver ?? - GaziUn - 04-01-2012

any one tested the new driver 12.3 do they work with oclHashcat-lite ??


RE: New ATI driver ?? - arex1337 - 04-01-2012

12.3 doesn't work for me. Neither does 12.2. 12.1 works. I have 2x HD 6990.

RE: New ATI driver ?? - oxaners - 04-01-2012

Seconded, 6970's

RE: New ATI driver ?? - mabu - 04-01-2012

Seems like the 12.3 drivers work fine with my 2x7970 on Ubuntu 11.10 64bits, as did 12.2. No in-depth testing though... Smile

RE: New ATI driver ?? - atom - 04-02-2012

This is only for oclHashcat-lite - oclHashcat-plus will not work with hd7970 - you have to wait for new release.

RE: New ATI driver ?? - Hash-IT - 04-02-2012

I am using XP Pro SP3 32bit.

12.3 doesn't work for me at all with hashcat-plus.

Posted here.

However I believe this is an ATI issue only and noting to do with hashcat as the new driver doesn't work with EWSA either.

RE: New ATI driver ?? - atom - 04-02-2012

If 12.3 includes an OpenCL dll that comes from SDK 2.7 i would not wonder at all. They already said XP will be deprecated with the next SDK (which is 2.7). That means XP, with 12.3 or not, will be deprecated in the next weeks.

RE: New ATI driver ?? - Hash-IT - 04-02-2012

OK atom thank you for the information. That explains it.

I notice that the driver selection tool on the ATI site only allows xp32_dd_ccc.exe and not xp32_dd_ccc_ocl.exe now. Note the missing ocl.

This must be because as you say, they have dropped XP. Its a shame because I seem to remember reading somewhere that XP is still the most common OS in the world !! Big Grin

So I assume that hashcat v 0.07 is the last one that will ever work on XP ?

Well, it looks like I will have to build that new Win 7 machine after all Smile

RE: New ATI driver ?? - atom - 04-03-2012

yep, good decision

RE: New ATI driver ?? - oxaners - 04-03-2012

Win7 overtook XP sometime last year, but XP is still a heavy second place. Unfortunately support will soon be dying out (and already is for third party products) so moving away from it when possible is your best bet IMO.