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Des operation is very interesting - a2006 - 03-08-2022

I use the example a28bc61d44bb815c: 1172075784504605: haribat1 that comes with the software to test. I can generate the value of haribat1, but for several groups of randomly generated examples, I can't get the correct value with hashcat. I know the front and back values to find the middle value. Strange question
Example 1: 0000000000000000000000-- 0000000000000000--8ca64de9c1b123a7

Example 2: 00000000000000000000011 -- 0000000000000011 -- edd2368f64415f33

Example 3: 0000000000000000000033 -- 0000000000000033--57c005c79ccf2bf0

RE: Des operation is very interesting - Snoopy - 03-08-2022

plz see

and the github issue

the DES module seems to be buggy right now