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Help viewing recovered passwords. - Feihongjr - 11-12-2022

I keep forgetting to output my recovered passwords to a text file, Hashcat shows 2/18 recovered but I have no idea where it stores them if you don't write them to a file manually. When I tried the --show command i receive the message...

hashcat --show                                                               
Usage: hashcat [options]... hash|hashfile|hccapxfile [dictionary|mask|directory]...

Try --help for more help.

I tried using hashcat --show hashcat and it returned nothing.

I then proceeded to stop the crack and start over again this time using -o Saved.txt , only it seems to save the passwords already cracked within hashcat and wont write them in the file despite restarting the action.

So basically I am asking how I can recover passwords cracked by hashcat that weren't written to a file or performed without a session name?

RE: Help viewing recovered passwords. - marc1n - 11-12-2022

Default is file hashcat.potfile

RE: Help viewing recovered passwords. - Feihongjr - 11-13-2022

(11-12-2022, 01:20 AM)marc1n Wrote: Default is file hashcat.potfile

Thank you! That pointed me in the right direction.