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Appending words in specific buckets - Dj1983! - 11-24-2022

I hope everybody is well.

I have a VeraCrypt container which is password protected. I created it in my old mac, and then moved to a new mac, and didn't transcript volume password by mistake. 

I found out Hashcat, and now trying to understand if and how can solve my issue.
I'm pretty sure (although not fully unfortunately) the password I used, although complex, was built on a specific logic of chunks I normally use. So the full password is like 25 charters, but it's built from 4 chunks. I have written down different options that should work for each chunk, e.g. the table in attachment.

I would need to create a wordlist that appends all words from each chunk, in the specific order of the chunks. (E.g. words from Chunk 1 cannot be used in Chunk 2 etc.). The wordlist would be the result of all the combinations of the words with the pattern: Chunk1Chunk2Chunk3Chunk4.

This should be still quite a sizeable number of combination, so I was looking for a way to do automatically. Can anybody advise a simple software or command line or way to do this? I'm particularly puzzled about how to define the rule to append.

I hope it's clear, Immense Thank you in advance to anybody who can help!

RE: Appending words in specific buckets - marc1n - 11-24-2022


RE: Appending words in specific buckets - Dj1983! - 11-24-2022

(11-24-2022, 01:14 PM)marc1n Wrote: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=rule_based_attack

Thank for the help! I had a look, however I m not sure I got the solution. I struggle to find a way to combine the words from the table into a si file word, in specific order, for all combinations…

RE: Appending words in specific buckets - b8vr - 11-25-2022

Maybe try something like combinator or combinatorX from hashcat-utils. That can make all the combinations you want.

RE: Appending words in specific buckets - JimYu - 03-21-2023

Maybe try princeprocessor from hashcat-utils.