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Logging feature - -.-PhanTom-.- - 04-26-2012

Is it in the plan to implement logs to the different hastcat versions?

I am thinking something like :
hash/hashfile name
wordlist name/mask/ruleset name
running time
Recovered (total and per list/mask/ruleset)

to be added to a log file (named by hash/hashfile name), so one could see how many words were found per list/mask/ruleset and how long it ran.

Currently, if I run multiple of wordlists against a hash/or file, the "recovered" in the status only shows the number for the total run (all the lists) and not for each list individually, so at the end of the run, I don't really know which wordlist gave the most hits.

RE: Logging feature - atom - 04-26-2012

no such plans yet

RE: Logging feature - -.-PhanTom-.- - 04-26-2012


Is it something you would consider for future releases?
I think it could be a very helpful tool to keep track on wordlist, rule and mask performance.

RE: Logging feature - atom - 04-26-2012

depends on demand

RE: Logging feature - KT819GM - 04-26-2012

Before reloading this forum I also asked for log feature for error debugging. It was discarded as totally unusable feature. Smile Maybe this year will be different so I'm voting for it also

RE: Logging feature - .::Rizwan::. - 04-27-2012

1+ here too