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Bit slow when starting? - User - 04-26-2012

Hi fellas,

I hope this is not a question already answered several times before

I have a list about 30k salted hashes and once I start hybrid dict + mask attack, it doesnt achieve immediately the common maximum speed.

For the first minutes, I got this:
Speed........: 6206.9k c/s Real, 32335.6k c/s GPU

After some time, lets say ~10mins,
Speed........: 389.4M c/s Real, 388.2M c/s GPU

Probably it's related to buffering time of the first chunk of the dictionary?

OS: Win7 x64
GPU: 5770 1GB - 12.2

Thanks for your attention.

RE: Bit slow when starting? - atom - 04-26-2012

sounds like you are using a to small dictionary. try again with rockyou.txt

RE: Bit slow when starting? - User - 04-26-2012

Yes, about 500k words.

Is there any brief explanation? It also applies when using this dict + rules

RE: Bit slow when starting? - atom - 04-27-2012

no brief explanation, but if you want to get a bit deeper into how it works check this subsection: https://hashcat.net/wiki/oclhashcat_plus#dictionary_loading