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cost effective GPU / CPU online resource - Ralf66 - 01-26-2023

Hi, it is my first post here and I am not a very advanced hashcat user. 

I have a real life case when recovering password to my pdf document can save me lots of money and effort (an alternative is flying to another country for a personal visit). The problem is that I neither have the right equipment to brutforce 8 character '?l?d' password nor experience to even try and setup a behemoth like Amazon EC2 or similar.

My attempt on an usual office laptop running Intel® Core™ i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz × 8 got to 6 characters (?l?d) overnight while I need to go through 8 characters which I estimate would take 100-110 days.

Based on that I would assume I dont need really a cluster with high end, massive equiopment, especially that I can wait. Can you recommend any GPU (CPU) power resource that would offer just ready Linux command line instance to run hashcat, or something similar that is cost effective and does not require enormous configuration?

Thank you

RE: cost effective GPU / CPU online resource - marc1n - 01-26-2023

Check https://vast.ai/ rent GPU for hours.