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GTX cards replacement - hermix - 04-29-2012


I don't know what really happened, but after a shortcut in my 1000W power supply, my two GTX cards are dead (GTX480 + GTX570) (of course, the power supply is dead too).

I have dried my eyes, replaced the power supply, and now starting to consider buying new cards.
So, why not switching to ATI cards ?

I have potential budget for two HD7950 cards, but I'm a bit afraid since I heard about ATI drivers instability under Linux (at least in the past).

I use Ubuntu as OS (10.04 TLS). Could someone advice me if it is a good configuration for GPU computing ? (including oclHashcat, of course)

Thank you very much.

RE: GTX cards replacement - forumhero - 04-30-2012

no issues with AMD drivers for me in ubuntu x64 11.10. i'm running 4xhd5970s with catalyst 12.2. remember NOT to install SDK and you'll be fine