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Restore and Loopback - wallacebw - 07-15-2023

If using--loopback  in a job, checkpoint exiting half way through, and then using --restore to complete the job, will the cleartext passwords found in the first half of the run be fed into the loopback process?

The recovered count resets when you resume, so it's not clear whether the loopback 'cache' resets as well.


RE: Restore and Loopback - buka - 07-15-2023

If you use a potfile, `--loopback` will pick the founds up and use them. Unless you also use `--remove`, I think.


RE: Restore and Loopback - wallacebw - 07-15-2023

Thanks, wasn't using a potfile, but --outfile.  will follow up m job with:

cut --delimiter=: --fields=2 _OUT_FILE_ | hashcat ...