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Handshake Hcxdumptool - brahim7 - 03-04-2024

Im using last version , and i wanted to extract handshake but i can't choose specifc ssid 
The tools got all sssid memorise on my phone on put them in pcapng file
I use this command

Hcxdumptool -i wlan0mon -w myssid.pcapng --rds=1

When i converted it by hcxpcapngtool they told me in wpa-sec this format not supported
Hcxpcapngtool -o myssid myssid.pcapng

RE: Handshake Hcxdumptool - viktorx - 03-04-2024

I think that you need to specify output format. Just add .22000 after myssid and it should work.

RE: Handshake Hcxdumptool - ZerBea - 03-05-2024

Two different things:

1) wpa-sec take pcapng/pcap/cap files only - and not to hashcat format converted hc22000 hashes
That is mentioned here:

2) target NETWORK has to be specified using a Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) in hcxdumptool (online during capturing)
If a BPF is not specified, hcxdumptool print a warning, because everything is attacked and captured:
BPF is unset! Make sure hcxdumptool is running in a 100% controlled environment!

Luckily you can filter the target NETWORK later on (off line)
convert pcapng file to hc.22000 file (by hcxpacpngtool)
filter target NETWORK by hcxhashtool or bash commands (see hashcat wiki: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=cracking_wpawpa2)
convert filtered hc22000 file back to cap (hcxhash2cap)
upload cap to wpa-sec

Important notice:
Except dump files, all hcxtools append results to existing files!!!!
If you don't want this, clean your environment (output files) before you run hcxtools.

RE: Handshake Hcxdumptool - brahim7 - 03-05-2024

What do you mean by envirorment?

RE: Handshake Hcxdumptool - ZerBea - 03-05-2024

Environment == surroundings or neighborhood (only targets in RANGE you are allowed to attack)