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Mask Processor Wordlist - Alean - 05-18-2012

So ive been digging around to find a way to crack this handshake cap file i have. I know the pw is only uppercase letters and numbers, so i thought i'll try to make a wordlist like that with mask, but after a test run with a file that only contained 4 chars aircrack gave me the msg that the file i created is not in a supported format? O.o even tho it seems to be a regular txt so idk if thats normal or if i made a mistake somewhere along the way. I should point out that i do not have a CUDA compatibile graphic card so cant use hashcat at least thats what i think Tongue Either way thanks for any help in advance.

RE: Mask Processor Wordlist - undeath - 05-18-2012

no idea how the title is connected to the content, but this forum is not about aircrack and hashcat only supports cracking WPA on GPU.