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PHDays Hash Runner challenge - hashrunner - 05-21-2012


"Hash Runner" online hash cracking challenge will take place during international security conference “Positive Hack Days 2012” (http://phdays.com/program/contests/#6332).

Any Internet user can participate: teams/individuals can register from May, 25 to the end of the challenge (http://phdays.com/personal/?register=yes). Challenge will start on May, 30, 05:00 GMT (09:00 MSK) and will last until the end of conference: May, 31, evening (exact time will be announced later).

Several thousand hashes of different types will be available: NTLM (cost:20), LM (20), DES (120), Oracle (20), SHA1 (20), SSHA1 (60), MD5 (10), md5($pass,$salt) (60), Blowfish(Openbsd) (500), SHA256 (60), GOST3411 (160), md5(phpBB3) (350), md5(wordpress) (350), MySQL5 (20), MSSQL2005 (20) and DCC2 (200). Passwords and rules used to generate hashes are categorized into number of groups to reflect their complexity. Each group has its own modifier formula and ratio which will significantly influence final hash cost. Only base hash costs are available now.

Looking for patterns and thematic passwords is best way to win the challenge.


- The cost of hashes can be changed before the challenge;
- File containing the hashes and the file format required to submit recovered passwords will be available in the registered user area at http://phdays.com;
- You can upload the results of your work multiple times during the challenge;
- Size of participating teams is not limited;
- You can use any hardware you want as long as it's legit;
- Teams attacking/DoS'ing the challenge site or other teams will be disqualified;
- Short technical write-up describing the software, hardware and wetware resources used during the challenge is required to get the prizes in case you win;
- Up to date scoreboard listing will be available online during the timeframe of the challenge;
- Organizers can shift challenge time window at will: you will find news if any at contest page or will receive updates to registered e-mail;
- You agree to publish all stats that were gathered during the challenge: who, when, how fast and how much was cracked;
- The results will be announced on June, 1 (file with passwords and rules also will be released).

Prizes will be provided by the PHDays organizers, the Positive Technologies company, and the forum sponsors. The first prize is the AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card. The prizes for second and third places are memorabilia and diplomas.

Contact e-mail: hashrunner at ptsecurity dot com

Have fun and good luck!

BTW, checkout other online challenges at PHDays http://www.phdays.com/program/contests/.
Conference news: http://twitter.com/#!/phdays

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - blandyuk - 05-21-2012

Should we start a team hashcat for this?

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - undeath - 05-21-2012

as Defcon is taking place in a kinda shitty time frame for me, I'm in Smile

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - blazer - 05-31-2012

hey do you guys know the teardrop team/guy ???

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - ToXiC - 05-31-2012

Blazer , half of Team Hashcat

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - blazer - 05-31-2012

ahh ok.

Good work guys. Congrats on the win

Whos idea was it to do a massive last min submission ?? Worked brilliantly!!

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - ToXiC - 05-31-2012

Well , we had to hold some points back for the last minute submissions anyway ... Smile

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - Xanadrel - 05-31-2012

That's what she said.

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - M@LIK - 05-31-2012

[Image: otCi7Tpm.gif]

RE: PHDays Hash Runner challenge - atom - 06-29-2012

We just got our certificate! Smile

[Image: diploma_phd_team_hashcat.jpg]