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bcrypt support? - forumhero - 07-02-2012

does any flavor of hashcat support bcrypt?

i'm guessing it doesn't but if it does, what is the proper -m switch and what is the expected format? i've tried a few different formats and all the -m switches but nothing works

RE: bcrypt support? - atom - 07-03-2012

no, bcrypt is not supported.

RE: bcrypt support? - forumhero - 07-03-2012

thanks, atom.

is it safe to assume team hashcat did not use hashcat to crack bcrypt during the korelogic password challenge last year?

sry about the unrelated question. just trying to improve my skills.

RE: bcrypt support? - atom - 07-03-2012

oh yes, absolutly. team hashcat is not forced to use only hashcat tools. we use whatever fits best (see write-ups).