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[Bug] oclHashcat-plus --gpu-temp-retain - james123 - 08-12-2012

--gpu-temp-retain only monitors the temp of first GPU of a dual GPU card i.e 6990

Example: setting it to 75C:

HWMon.GPU.#1.: 97% Util, 75c Temp, 100% Fan
HWMon.GPU.#2.: 97% Util, 85c Temp, N/A Fan

There is only one fan (logically tied to the first gpu only) which is probably why it miscalculates.

RE: [Bug] oclHashcat-plus --gpu-temp-retain - atom - 08-13-2012

@ matrix

RE: [Bug] oclHashcat-plus --gpu-temp-retain - atom - 09-01-2012

james, pls retry and continue here pls :