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GUI for oclHashcat? - Rabbitz - 10-04-2010


I lot of my friends complain because they don´t know how to deal with oclHashcat!
Is there the possibility to make a GUI for it?


RE: GUI for hashcat! - nikkk14 - 10-04-2010

hashcat already have a gui http://hashcat.net/files/hashcat-gui-0.2.433.rar

RE: GUI for hashcat! - ksp - 10-04-2010

Yes there is a gui, but I really recommend to learn the command line. When you master the commandline, you'll be faster than any gui ;-) And it sure is cooler to master the command line than a gui.

I used the gui (and sometimes use) just to learn the command line.

RE: GUI for hashcat! - Rabbitz - 10-06-2010

Sorry I was talking about oclhashcat of course!

RE: GUI for oclHashcat? - atom - 10-06-2010

you may want to ask hakre since he is the one who wrote the hashcat gui overlay :-)