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Settings override - KT819GM - 08-22-2012

Description: cat-* checks for file settings.* and uses it on first place.

Example: on settings.* have line -d 2,3,4,5, on *.sh have: oclHashcat-lite64.bin 9b957cc6ab97cbf88c4f6f0f146adafe
Result will be: oclHashcat-lite64.bin 9b957cc6ab97cbf88c4f6f0f146adafe -d 2,3,4,5

Real life usage: makes editing easier on different systems with one time setup on settings file for exact system.

RE: Settings override - atom - 08-22-2012

no, sorry.

RE: Settings override - KT819GM - 08-22-2012

No problem Smile, have templates, just many of them, so mistakes occur ...