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Powercolor's HD7990 - citihasher - 09-06-2012

Hi guys,
With the recent release of Powercolor's dualgpu HD7990, will hashcat's current version (oclHashcat-plus v0.081) work with it?
Anyone tried it yet? I'm considering to boot up a pet project with 2x 7990.

Any form of feedback will be greatly appreciated.

RE: Powercolor's HD7990 - epixoip - 09-06-2012

yes. opencl will just see it as four tahiti devices, so oclHashcat would behave the same as if you had four 7970s.

RE: Powercolor's HD7990 - epixoip - 09-06-2012

worth mentioning though that it would be cheaper to buy 4x 7970s than 2x 7990s, and 4x 7970s would require less power.

RE: Powercolor's HD7990 - forumhero - 09-06-2012

unless you're doing 4x7990, i agree $1000USD for powercolor's 7990 is too expensive.

RE: Powercolor's HD7990 - d0znpp - 09-09-2012

Please, show a speed on your device!

RE: Powercolor's HD7990 - abaco - 09-11-2012

are the 7990 avail yet?