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HashcatGUI v0.22 Released - blandyuk - 11-04-2012

OK, fixed a couple of bugs and added some more features:

- Fixed CPU rules file not showing after application restart bug.
- Added "Ignore Usernames" onto oclHashcat-plus.
- Added "Benchmark" button to oclHashcat-lite in the "Commands" tab.
- Added "Run" buttons to all hashcat apps in the "Commands" tab. This is so you can tweak the commands and run them directly from there.


Any problems let me know Smile

RE: HashcatGUI v0.22 Released - Hash-IT - 11-04-2012

Thank you for all your hard work Blandy Smile

RE: HashcatGUI v0.22 Released - atom - 11-05-2012

Thanks Blandy!

FYI, its missing the --benchmark-mode and its not neccessary to do --gpu-temp-disable since its doing it by default in -b mode.

RE: HashcatGUI v0.22 Released - blandyuk - 11-06-2012

OK thanks atom Smile