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New hashcat crash in XP - mastercracker - 01-08-2013

Hi all. The fix for windows XP in Hashcat 0.43b2 worked well. I can do dictionary attack without problems. I then tried some bruteforcing with this command line:

hashcat-cli32.exe -a 3 --remove -o found.txt -m 10 --pw-min=2 test.hash ?a?a

The program crash with 2 popup windows. The first one has the following message:
Hashcat-cli32.exe - Application Error
The exception Integer division by zero.
(oxc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x00472edc.

The second one is the usual that says that the program encountered an error and that it will close. Removing --pw-min=2 did not change anything. Adding -n 1 removed the first popup window about the division by zero but hashcat still crash with the second window. Any ideas?

Additional information: 0.43b3 did not fix the problem. It also occurs with -m 0 so I guess it's generalized.

RE: New hashcat crash in XP - atom - 01-09-2013

Can't reproduce on Linux 64, can't reproduce on Win 32 Sad